Customer Quote: “I’m sorry, I can’t decide, there’s too much choice.”

It’s a good job that I took the forty minute stroll along the stunning Thames footpath from Teddington to Kingston to reach heaven.  Why? I hear you cry.  The clue is in the title of this perfectly named cupcake café: Sweet Revenge.  The cakes are having their revenge on me after years of no carbs, no dairy, and saying no anything that looked vaguely scrummy.

ImageAs I walked by this pretty (tempting) shop I stood at the dual aspect window with my mouth open. Probably salivating a little but that’s not an appetising image so erase that from your mind.  What were those spongy looking things on pedestals?  What was that gooey stuff that topped them?  My Partner, sensing my confusion answered my questions.

“Do you want a cupcake?”

“Cupcake,” I said.  I remember now, yes, the things of childhood.  Were they now made for adults too?  I thought.

As we approached the door my face went tight and I caught my reflection in the window.  I was smiling.  Was that me, deliriously happy at the impending possibility of eating the devil’s food?

“I want the pink one, no, the yellow, oooh what’s that with the creamy topping and red dusting on top?”  I was literally like a child in a sweet shop.  I had deprived myself for years.  No more.  They were mine, all mine.  I think I may have even rubbed my hands together.

After my delirium settled, I became nervous, not at the calories or even the choice I was about to make, but how to choose?  My nervousness was about the perfect accompaniment: coffee, for me a skinny cappuccino.  I know, why have skinny when you are eating cake?  But by my reckoning it allows me to eat the cake.  I am going to frustrate you more.  I also have one sweetener plopped in too; every little helps right?  Yes the cappuccino was larger than say a traditional one in Italy, but it was a good temperature and left me with no blister on my lip or bitter taste in my mouth, it also had a creamy froth and a sprinkling of the good stuff on top.  It was only the lack of cappuccino art on top that let it down: I like a heart or a feather.  Creativity for the coffee as you do for the cakes please.

A walnut chocolate brownie and skinny cappuccino later I was in trouble.  This place was good, so indulgent.  I began chatting to the owner: a lovely Lebanese man, whose wife had the idea, gotta love her.  Damn it, the service was good too.  I would have to return.

The brownie was just the beginning, but one I return to again and again as, after all, it is brownie perfection.  It is a good size with a light crisp top, but soft and sticky inside whilst remaining firm enough to retain its shape as it is attacked with a fork.  Walnuts on top look nice too.  Not too bitter not too sweet, as Goldilocks would say, just right.

Other goodies include the mouth-watering, ultra-moist red velvet and the zesty lemon cupcakes. There are sixteen other varieties to sample, so if you want to try some and rate them too, then together we can scoop out the cream of the crop.  A difficult task but someone’s got to do it. There are also gluten free and wheat free ranges as well as larger cakes for parties and weddings.

For little people with little mouths there are mini cupcakes too.  All cakes are baked fresh and are handmade.  Although they cannot count as one of your five a day, unfortunately, you can be satisfied knowing that they are made with free range eggs and natural food colouring.

Prices are £2.50 for a regular cupcake or a slice.

The perfect accompaniment comes in at £2.25.

As an aside, there are three sandwiches on the menu and cold drinks including fresh fruit smoothies for those who still have a little guilt inside.

See for more details on cakes and courses.

Overall: simple, pretty style and lip-smacking execution.

Rating: C cup.

E cup = Espresso: poor  A cup=Americano: average  C cup=Cappuccino: good

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  1. Hi great to see you enjoying a proper coffee experience there! A friend and myself are trying to collect exactly this type of coffee-related stories, from London and beyond, and putting them with illustrations in a kind of growing anthology which is becoming something rather nice. If you’d like to contribute something, this article or another, then we’d be chuffed. Here’s what we’re doing

    all the best, Adam

  2. After frequent visits to said bakery and lots of tweets, I met the creative mind and grafter behind the shop: her name is Sara. Her link to the lovely Lebanese man is still a mystery to me.

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