Massive Muffins and Meringues


Quotes: ‘It’s a shame they don’t do Moomin cakes.’

Out and about on a lovely girlie afternoon and the usual average brownie and cappuccino later my friend and I, in a very touristy way, took a wander through Covent Garden (that’s in London for those who may be annoyed with my assumed southern knowledge). 

After carrying my over excited friend out of the Moomin shop we spied a food market.  This is exactly what I like to see in Covent Garden: fresh, fab looking and not too expensively priced goodies.  It had a hint of the US with its colossal cakes and supersize sausages.  But, for me, if anything is going to be big, make it my cake. 

I wasn’t disappointed with my finds.  First of all the lovely lads at the Red Gingham Bakery stall, the cakes were varied and exciting, from multi-coloured sponge centres to Rolo filled fudge (I think that is what it was, my eyes found it difficult to focus on the totality of treats).


Secondly, my friend and I pause, looking agog at meringues, massive meringues stacked up like the Great Wall of China, but fresher.  The Chinese blocks were made into Eton mess: small £4 large £6.  Make of those prices what you will.


Thirdly and finally, I end on my favourite: Karantania Deli.  As I was taking photos, the lovely ladies asked me why I was taking pics of the food, so I explained that it was for this blog.  She looked relieved then proceeded to tell me that other people take photos of their marvellous muffins, copy their ideas and then have the cheek to sell them.  Obviously I understand that nothing is really 100% new, but after working hard and creating something that looks and tastes good it must niggle to have someone swooping in taking the potential glory.  I like to create something new and take pride in my work so I don’t understand (even though I know it’s money) why anyone would want to steal another’s ideas, whatever the form.  And that’s all I have to say about that, as Forest Gump would say.

Back to the lovely ladies; take a look at these muffins.


£3 for a very, very large savoury muffin; it was at this point that I wished that I hadn’t eaten the brownie earlier.  They did give me a little nibble on a lovely cake though.  Yum!  Thanks ladies.

If you are a foodie like me then you may like to take a look at a very new company and their website, set up by one of the ladies with the muffins.  A lot of food passion here.  I am not promoting it for any other reason than I like the sound of it.  She, along with her partner, has set up which is a travel company where food enthusiasts and travel lovers can explore Sri Lanka and learn to cook like a local.  I will be checking it out as it contains two of my faves.  If I go AWOL then you know where I am.

If Sri Lanka’s too far then take a trip to Covent Garden and try some of London’s Food instead.

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