Old York Road Street Party, Wandsworth

Quote: ‘I’m not sure if the coffee is made with skimmed milk; let me look at the sachet.’

Food and drink was the accidental focus of my Sunday.  Driving around Wandsworth Town’s dreary one way system was, strangely, a bonus to my day.  Out of the window I spotted a busy street party so Partner and I parked up to see if they had lovely people selling carefully crafted cakes and coffees, ohh, I literally love alliteration. Back to the goodies: yes they did, and to very mixed abilities. 

Firstly, at the Old York Road Street Party I found a new innovative way to eat cake: Cake Pops made by The Little Cake Pop Company. These are spherical sponges covered in a variety of different styles for children’s parties, weddings and other special, fun events.  There are kits for sale, so that you can make your own.  Worth getting in early if you want to use these ladies so that you are the first to have the innovative cake pops and have lots of smiley admirers wishing they had found them first.  Unless they branch out with other ideas then this may be a flash in the pan company. 


Check them out on: www.littlecakepop.com.

Secondly, cupcakes from Yummy Boutique Bakery: an online company with fabulous looking sweet goods including toffee apples.  Cheesecake is my favourite dessert so when a cake is advertised as a blueberry cheesecake muffin there is simply no other option.  Review: Soft sponge, Fresh blueberries inside and on top, generous buttercream sprinkled with a little biscuit and topped with more blueberries.  The buttercream was just the usual topping and I feel it should have been made with some cream cheese, hence the cheesecake advertising, and there could have been more biscuit sprinkles which would have made it more a cheesecake muffin and not just a blueberry muffin. Having said that it looked fab and tasted great. 


My Partner had a new concoction, one which looked delightful and would have been a favourite in the greedy eyes of children.  A cross between a Rocky Road and a Millionaire’s Shortbread it contained, ready for the list? Shortbread, lots of caramel, pistachio’s, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate and marshmallows.  Frighteningly sweet and horrendously calorific, but, and oh so predictably and dangerously, really yummy, a sweet lover’s treat.  The cost was £2.50 each. 


For delivery contact: http://www.yummyboutiquebakery.com.

Thirdly, and unfortunately for me: a cappuccino from a sachet.  The stall looked so promising, with lots of lovely looking coffee products for sale.  So, when I coughed up £2 for a cappuccino and asked if it was made with skimmed milk I was a little surprised to see the lady pick up a sachet and say, I’m not sure I’ll have a look at the back of the packet.  The most technical element to this coffee making was stirring the coffee powder into hot water. I wanted to say, don’t worry, I’ve changed my mind.  Give me my money back and we’ll forget all about it.  But, I was very British and didn’t want to offend the friendly lady, or cause a scene.  I was a little curious too.  It tasted like cream mixed with my sweetener and unsurprisingly it ended up down the drain.  It is one thing to use up my calorie intake on a yummy cake but it is quite another to waste it on cream in a cup. 

It’s a shame that this coffee stall let my experience of the street party down.  Keep an eye out for further events there and take my advice: stock up on cakes but go to one of the cafes for a coffee.  I have no idea if they are any good but they can’t be any worse than the one from the stall.

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