Coffee Buzz & Champagne Bubbles

Quote: “It is absolutely fine to substitute one’s coffee, as long as it’s for champagne.”


My solitary coffee, which has become a personal institution, was abandoned for supping champers with friends whilst eating smoked salmon and cupcakes.  Oh yeah, baby! Does it get any better than this?  If only every Sunday could be an elegant, companion-filled vacation from the dullness and the finality of the weekend.  Actually, if only every day could be like this.

I love writing and I love coffee, or is it: I need writing and I need coffee.   But a little holiday can do you good and on holiday you eat what you like and you drink what you like, whilst hopefully relishing your gluttony and tendency towards alcoholism in good company.  So this is what I organised: a staycation in my flat.  Contacting the girlies and offering cake and bubbles seemed like the best way of enticing them.  A lot were extremely keen but were hiking with in-laws or working ungodly shifts. One by one, as they dropped off, I thought my baking extravaganza would fall by the wayside.  Luckily I received two cheery, I will definitely be there, texts.

So, with a smaller crowd than hoped, I designed a high-tea styled event. But still casual enough for a chilled, relaxed, I’ve gone to no bother affair.  Neither of my friends had met so I was a little nervous.  No need to worry, my windows were steaming all too soon with all the gasbagging going on.  Perfecto!

I offered drinks and I noticed a sparkle in their eyes as champagne was on the menu.  Is champagne like diamonds: sparkling and beautiful and an absolutely delightful treat?  Coffee certainly doesn’t get that reaction.

After the initial drink, I thought we should have something to soak up the alcohol before we got too carried away and abandoned what I had been slaving away on over the past twenty-four hours.  What’s that? You want to know what I made? Oh, okay.  Admittedly the smoked salmon and cucumber did not take a lot of effort in the making, but sometimes it’s all about the concept and the execution: I used pretty girly stands to display them, he he.  I also made two types of cupcakes.  Number 1: an apple crumble cupcake; and number 2 (the one I knew would go down well): the chocolate and orange cupcake.  It’s needless to say which one was snaffled up first.  I felt a little sorry for the apple ones so I encouraged the girls to take some home.  Largely, I needed to get rid of them as I had been too excitable and made a load. With the champagne finished the coffee came out as a final sobering offering before the soiree was at a close: sad times.

Coffee is like the antithesis of champagne: one is necessity and the other is pure indulgence. Unfortunately we can’t substitute caffeine with bubbles: productivity would go down for sure and it would make the school run a dangerous place, if you ever woke up from your alcohol induced afternoon nap.   Luckily for coffee, and the nation’s children, we are reliant on caffeine but we can also, on occasion, put down our paper cups and appreciate the tingling of luxury every now and again.  Mercifully both can co-exist.  It’s almost a perfect world.

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