New Year’s Quandary

Quote ‘Fruit tea?  Really?’


Since the New Year began looming upon me, and us all, I have been in a confused state as to whether I should make a resolution to give up caffeine, aka coffee.  My main quandary came from whether I should even make a resolution at all.  My concern was most people seem to go all guns blazing from the first only to fail by the end of January, if not before.   So if I do try, will I inevitably fail?

I decided against making a resolution or did I just make a resolution not to make any resolutions?  In which case, I failed.  I’m still on the coffee and it’s still caffeinated.  However, my mind is being plagued by the thought that caffeine isn’t good for me and I should give up.  Even more so since I visited someone I see regularly and they commented on my tea and coffee intake and then offered me a fruit tea only.  My choice was taken away from me.  Thanks do-gooder.

Niggled by the ‘helpful’ person I looked at my mug and wanted to gag: It was a reflex action from all the previous times I’ve tried a lovely smelling fruit tea but the taste, oh the taste, was vile.  Not living up to its fruity aroma at all.   Not being a fan of fruit teas, but being ridiculously British with politeness at my core, I drank.  Then I drank some more: a little surprised at what I tasted.  What was this new and actually nice taste?  I was informed that it was rosehip with a slice of lemon.  Rosehip tastes good, so what do I do with this new piece of information?  I look for some at my local supermarket, but to no avail.  So I continued on with my coffee and tea drinking status feeling a little guilty.

I spotted something on Twitter to renew my interest: Infusion reviews – Wild berry, Acai & Blackcurrant from @clipperteas on The Flaneur blog site.  I think that I will hunt down these rosehip thingies and maybe use them instead of supping so much tea; that reminds me, I still have green tea with lemon in the back of the cupboard somewhere.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Quandary

  1. Ah yes…the little voice that says “give up the caffeine”, I do my best at ignoring it 😉
    Something I found works for a hot drink uncaffeinated alternative: cordials (especially elderflower) made up with hot water from the kettle. it’s not coffee, but it’s better than a lot of those fruit teas,x

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