The Costa Coffee

Quote: “How much?”

I have a dilemma:  A coffee dilemma.  It’s more of a money dilemma, really.  I’m trying to save some pennies.  After sitting down and working out all of my incomings and out goings I was horrified by what I had written.  Take a look:

1 Coffee per day:  average cost £2.00

Doesn’t look or sound too bad.

Coffee spend per year 2×365= £730.00

£730.00 per year!!!!  Look at what I could potentially be saving a year: The cost of a holiday.  Why am I hunched over in cold, damp Britain looking pallid when I could be somewhere sunny?   But, and this is my greatest problem, how do I go without a coffee to achieve this?

I’ve cut back to one coffee per week, which is still £104 per year.  I don’t want to spend this amount, but it’s something I enjoy so why give up completely?  My progress has not been good.  The first couple of weeks were okay.  I wasn’t at work so my routine was different and my need was less.  But by Friday on week three I’ve had a coffee every day.  I can’t seem to get through my day without one.  How do I do this?

I’ve come up with possible aids:

  1. Set a reminder on my phone telling me how much money I’m wasting.
  2. Put a picture up of a holiday destination and other ‘wants and needs’ as motivation.
  3. Remember the health benefits.
  4. Keep a pot of my unspent coffee money so I can physically see what I’m saving.

I will do these for one month and see which ones assist me in achieving my goal.  It’s difficult trying to give up or reduce something thing you like, as I’m finding out, but I’m going to try.  Anyway, coffee is too expensive and don’t get me started on the cost of food in cafés too.  I daren’t even add up the occasional cake, pastry or smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast.  If I fail on the coffee I may have to.  Failure is not an option.  A better paid job or a reduction of the cost of coffee maybe, but I think these are even more of a pie-in-the-sky idea than me reducing my intake.  I guess my first step is getting out of this Costa and bidding my farewells to it.  Now, where did I put my takeaway cup?

One thought on “The Costa Coffee

  1. Aaargh, I know the dilemma! I’ve also recently taken a long hard look at what I’ve been spending, and have cut back to 2 coffees per week. I’ve also reduced a lot of other unnecessary expenses (aka mindless spending), and I have been amazed at how much money I have saved so far.

    There’s an amazing lady called Ann Wilson (aka The Wealth Chef) who is worth checking out. She advocates splitting your money into various pots (i.e. living expenses, savings, etc). One of her pots is for fun – 10% of your monthly income, and you have to spend it on things that really juice you. So that could be part of your coffee allowance? I think the challenge with total denial is that it is, well, not very realistic. But having a coffee less often might actually make you enjoy it more consciously? I have found quite often I have been compelled to buy a hot drink more out of habit than need.

    Anyway, good luck with it all, and having a bigger goal in mind is a great strategy, too!

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