The Conscious Coffee Drinker.

Quote: “What’s it all about?”

It’s Wednesday and we’ve had coffee and coffee cake guilt free (almost) because it’s UK Coffee Week.   “Excellent!” we exclaim from under our milk froth moustaches.  But, let’s be civilised for a moment, wipe our top lip and ask, what is it all about?

UK Coffee Week is, as quoted on their website, “the nation’s biggest celebration of coffee.  It provides an opportunity for the coffee and foodservice industry to unite while raising money for Project waterfall, the charity providing vital clean water projects in African coffee-growing countries in partnership with WaterAid.”

We are becoming more aware of the true cost of our beloved morning buzz.   For a while now we have had Fairtrade, not just for coffee but for other goods such as chocolate and bananas.  Fairtrade offer, “better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair items of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.”  (Fairtrade website).   Currently, in addition to Fairtrade and UK Coffee Week, the country is in the midst of a compassionate revolutionary scheme: suspended coffee.

‘Suspended’ coffee:  a hot beverage that you pay for but don’t drink.  You order yours then pre-pay a fixed fee of £1.50 for another which you don’t drink.  That drink can be claimed by a person who is homeless or less fortunate.  Currently in Britain there are 150 participating venues.  But it’s a world-wide scheme originating in Naples, Italy.

Whether we go out of our way to help others by ordering a suspended coffee or not we can all raise awareness of UK Coffee Week and its work with WaterAid.   So while we drink coffee we can help others drink water.

Please see links for further information:

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