The London Coffee Festival

April 25th-28th 2013

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QR

The “too cool for school”, the curry and now the coffee; Brick Lane is, if nothing else, accepting of anything, throwing its non-judgemental arms open to the weird and the wonderful. This chilled out street plays host to The London Coffee Festival this year. Part of UK Coffee Week, and supporting Project Waterfall, the festival is open for public consumption on the evening of the 26th and during the days of the 27th and 28th April. The other days are ‘industry’ days only. Lucky industry peeps.

The venue is zoned containing a frothy excitement of baristas serving up their own exquisite signature drinks; The Union Roastery will be present offering your coffee obsessed senses an irresistible overload; you can educate yourself about the history of coffee and coffee equipment; plus witness live lab experiments; toe-tap your way around the festival to special guests performing, but no singing as your mouth will be full of gourmet food and coffee and nobody wants to see that. Finally, once your brain is buzzing it may be more receptive and maybe even a little more creative. It could be the perfect time (before the come-down) to experience the multi-media art work on show: Twin Peaks: 20th Anniversary and The Coffee Art Project.

Tickets are selling out fast so check for yours.

Basic price: £9.50 or £12.50 on the door.

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