Coffee at Kew

Quote: “It’s hot and sticky and it’s not because of the extra shot.”

Kew Gardens is a lovely venue to relax and have coffee.  After a tasting however, if what interests you is coffee in its natural state then you can visit the dramatic greenhouses in Kew’s beautifully cared for grounds.  The sticky hot house provides an artificial environment to allow a variety of coffee plants to grow.  The scent of nature and the sound of running water can send you far away from the bustling streets of London.  All it’s missing is the odd chirp of a bird and the itch of mosquito bites.


With your senses being assaulted you may even begin to feel a little on the small side.


Don’t worry, the table is supposed to be for giants.  Trees are a little tricky too.  Have a look around at the sculptures.  Some are wood, but some are metal.  You can only tell by a tap.


My Pocket’s Empty, But I’m Happy.

Quote: “I’m pasty and pale, but I’m buzzin”

A little over two months ago I wrote The Cost a Coffee blog and set myself a challenge.  Due to my desire for a holiday in the sun and because I really should have been saving some cash, I decided to try and cut down on my daily coffee spend.  My average yearly cost was £730.00.  I didn’t want to give up my treat, but truthfully I was more concerned with whether I could give it up; my skinny cappuccino was becoming more of a need than a want.

I gave myself some aids to provide me with motivation:

1.            Set a reminder on my phone telling me how much money I’m wasting.

2.            Put a picture up of a holiday destination and other ‘wants and needs’ as motivation.

3.            Remember the health benefits.

4.            Keep a pot of my unspent coffee money so I can physically see what I’m saving.

Beach Ilha Grande Brazil 04 M

I failed.   That’s not easy to say, but I did.   I lasted two weeks only having 1 or 2 cappuccinos.   Every day I would look into the mirror at my pasty face and wish for sun and/or a lottery win.  I was miserable because of the weather, my appearance and lack of funds; then I found myself feeling even worse because my one daily pleasure was wrenched unceremoniously from my life.

I couldn’t take it.  I had to admit I needed coffee and I still do.  So, I didn’t make it to aid 2 or week 3 of my challenge, but the return to my norm was enough to cheer me up.  My pockets may be empty, but I’m happy (or hyper with caffeine anyway).  I’d rather be a little content everyday than miserable for 51 weeks of the year painfully waiting for 1 week of sun.