My Pocket’s Empty, But I’m Happy.

Quote: “I’m pasty and pale, but I’m buzzin”

A little over two months ago I wrote The Cost a Coffee blog and set myself a challenge.  Due to my desire for a holiday in the sun and because I really should have been saving some cash, I decided to try and cut down on my daily coffee spend.  My average yearly cost was £730.00.  I didn’t want to give up my treat, but truthfully I was more concerned with whether I could give it up; my skinny cappuccino was becoming more of a need than a want.

I gave myself some aids to provide me with motivation:

1.            Set a reminder on my phone telling me how much money I’m wasting.

2.            Put a picture up of a holiday destination and other ‘wants and needs’ as motivation.

3.            Remember the health benefits.

4.            Keep a pot of my unspent coffee money so I can physically see what I’m saving.

Beach Ilha Grande Brazil 04 M

I failed.   That’s not easy to say, but I did.   I lasted two weeks only having 1 or 2 cappuccinos.   Every day I would look into the mirror at my pasty face and wish for sun and/or a lottery win.  I was miserable because of the weather, my appearance and lack of funds; then I found myself feeling even worse because my one daily pleasure was wrenched unceremoniously from my life.

I couldn’t take it.  I had to admit I needed coffee and I still do.  So, I didn’t make it to aid 2 or week 3 of my challenge, but the return to my norm was enough to cheer me up.  My pockets may be empty, but I’m happy (or hyper with caffeine anyway).  I’d rather be a little content everyday than miserable for 51 weeks of the year painfully waiting for 1 week of sun.

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