Coffee at Kew

Quote: “It’s hot and sticky and it’s not because of the extra shot.”

Kew Gardens is a lovely venue to relax and have coffee.  After a tasting however, if what interests you is coffee in its natural state then you can visit the dramatic greenhouses in Kew’s beautifully cared for grounds.  The sticky hot house provides an artificial environment to allow a variety of coffee plants to grow.  The scent of nature and the sound of running water can send you far away from the bustling streets of London.  All it’s missing is the odd chirp of a bird and the itch of mosquito bites.


With your senses being assaulted you may even begin to feel a little on the small side.


Don’t worry, the table is supposed to be for giants.  Trees are a little tricky too.  Have a look around at the sculptures.  Some are wood, but some are metal.  You can only tell by a tap.

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