It’s a Book Review. Honestly.


This is the extent of my reading during the festive period.  So this is my ‘book’ review for the month.  The book, though not technically a book, as it’s a mug, sums up my December: busy writing, busy drinking tea yet not busy reading.  The author of the ‘book’ captures my life pretty well – an excellent observational statement for the modern writer.  I don’t regret my lack of reading because I have actually made the time to write and submit.  Yes submit!  All bow down.  Thank you.

Oh, I forgot; I was busy eating chocolate too.  Do I get a bow for that too?


4 thoughts on “It’s a Book Review. Honestly.

  1. We should celebrate all kinds of writing and this packs a powerful punch. (I’ve been thinking for sometime that road markers should be recognized, praised and blamed…) By the way, did you do what it says on the mug?

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