Quote: “Vive la revolution!”

Ziferblat!  Bless you.  Seriously, we have a coffee shop Russian Revolution happening.  Ziferblat is offering free drinks and food.  It’s not that simple, but the concept is: you pay for your time at the coffee shop.  It works out as 3p per minute or £1.80 per hour.

After opening 10 shops in Russia they are branching out and in my opinion where better than London.  The people love something new and quirky and they love being the first and boasting to their friends about the experience.

According to Vicky Baker’s article in the Guardian, Ziferblatt means clock face in Russian and German. Rather than clocking in and out of the office for work we will now be punching the clock at a coffee shop.  A new way to work, rest and pay.

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