Harris + Hoole Closures

harris and hoole (2)

Harris + Hoole Closures

Quote: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Harris + Hoole, the coffee shop chain backed by Tesco, is to close six stores.  Alex Lawson from the Evening Standard wrote in his article on Tuesday 19th August, “A source claimed the costly nature of the stores, which feature high-end décor and premium barista coffee machines, was to blame for the closures and questioned Tesco’s desire to grow the chain.”

The ‘independent’ looking shops have been slated for taking the backing of Tesco and misleading customers into believing they still maintain their independent status.  However the family run business was set up by three siblings with a “vision to bring great tasting speciality coffee to the high street.” (www.harrisandhoole.co.uk).  Having established a strong brand, strong enough to interest Tesco, they accepted the backing to allow them to expand and live their dream.

However, maybe they’re spreading themselves too thin or maybe it’s trial and error with the best locations for their coffee shops.  Some of the branches closing include those in Hounslow and Walton-on-Thames.  Whatever the reason it is easier to take the hit with Tesco behind you.  And although six stores are closing, there are still plans for more to open across the country soon.

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